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The keyword “asian snacks” is searched over 1,300 times a month in Australia, and 14,400 times a month worldwide. Perhaps you’re a manufacturer or even a reseller of Asian Snacks, none the less this domain is by far the best in its field.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen awareness of Asian snacks in the Australia grow considerably. There’s been a mainstreamification of Asian culture in the West, including an awareness of a larger menu of Asian foods like kimchi, pho, and sushi, which might seem ubiquitous, now was once difficult to find, even 30 years ago. Yet even within the larger umbrella of food, Asian snacks hit a bit differently. In some ways, they’re more approachable, wrapped in a language of packaging that’s basically familiar even if it doesn’t display any English. The bright colors and cute characters denote something childlike in its pureness of purpose: to be a fun treat, an indulgence.


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