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This domain speaks for itself, with The keyword “bamboo fence” searched over 1,000 times a month in Australia, and 30,000 times a month globally in a rapidly growing space this domain has the potential to take your business right to the top.

Bamboo fencing is often a good choice for those who want privacy in their yard while still maintaining a natural look. It is durable, as it is grass rather than wood, and known for being stronger than steel in some ways. It is also sustainable, as bamboo is known for growing quickly, which means that harvesting this plant is actually considered eco-friendly.

Bamboo is one of the oldest eco-friendly materials widely used for fencing. As a plant, bamboos are one the fastest- growing varieties and one of the largest members of the grass family. The compressive strength of Bamboo is higher than wood, brick, or concrete and even it offers a tensile strength that rivals steel. Additionally, it can be produced abundantly at a lower cost that makes it more economical. It is durable i.e. it lasts long.


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