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The keyword “cat sitters” is searched over 27,000 times a month worldwide, this is a perfect opportunity to stand out from your competitors and establish yourself as the industry leader.

Since most Australians have never heard of the word “cat sitting” before let alone that it is an actual service that you can pay for, this is totally understandable. In fact, many of this service’s clients are first time patrons of cat sitting. This is mainly because cat sitting as a business is a relatively new and emerging pet care service.

So what is “cat sitting”?

Cat sitting in its most basic sense is a service wherein a person comes over to your home to care for your cat while you are away, such as on vacation or business travel. It is the opposite of taking your cat to a boarding facility to be cared for exclusively at that location.

So in this sense, “cat sitters” are the people who look after a cat or cats while their owner is away, usually staying at the owner’s home in order to do so.


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