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The keyword “flea treatment” is searched over 1,300 times a month in Australia, and 13,600 times a month worldwide. This domain requires very little explanation, this premium domain name is bound to make your business stand out.

Flea treatments are procedures used to treat flea infestations in human or animal populations. They may treat both the itching caused by bites and may remove or kill the fleas themselves.

Fleas are common external parasites of both dogs and cats. The adults are ravenous blood-feeders, consuming up to 15 times their body weight in blood per day. Pets initially become infested when adult fleas occurring indoors or outdoors jump on the animal. With the ability to jump vertically up to about 6 inches, the adults can easily hitch a ride onto a passing dog or cat, or even the shoes and pant legs of a human.

Pets acquire fleas from kennels, groomers, etc., or from stray dogs, cats or wildlife (especially opossums and raccoons) wandering through the yard. Contrary to popular belief, fleas seldom jump directly from one pet to another.


  • Over 30,000+ local searches a month
  • Single word domain (Brandable)
  • The .AU domain is also available for purchase

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