Celebrate New Beginnings with Ceremonial Shovels

Nothing marks the beginning of a new construction project like a ceremonial groundbreaking shovel taken to the ground. That first dig is special because it officially initiates a meaningful task involving many individuals and endless hours of hard work just to plan. Just as that day is special, so is the groundbreaking shovel you use to perform the traditional ceremony. Ceremonial shovels should stand out from the typical tool shed line-up. A shiny chrome finished blade and a sturdy but delicately polished wooden shaft are a familiar sight at groundbreakings; absolutely not the quality and style you would find at a construction site. And even though groundbreaking shovels seem to be “just for show” on the day of the groundbreaking, their look will have long-lasting effects.

Read on to know the best stores (physical and online) to get these shovels so you could stage a memorable ceremony.


First in our list is Amazon, where you could order online high-quality outdoor ceremonial shovels delivered directly to you — without commission-driven, inflated prices. Follow this link to purchase and make your groundbreaking event a moment in the history of your company which people will remember.

Fresh Promotions

Opening a new building, a factory or a mine site is a big moment in the history of any business or organisation. Celebrate in style using one of these ceremonial shovels available in either gold or silver, available at Fresh Promotions (link), both in stock and ready to ship with national express delivery is available for last minute orders. Visit their website here to order.


Olympia continues to take pride in offering a diverse range of trophies and corporate awards, custom items, giftware for years of service awards and offer a specialist engraving and laser etching service. Presentation plaques and outdoor plaques are items sought after. And if you’re looking for ceremonial shovels to make your groundbreaking event a special moment in the history of your company, follow this link to avail.

Premier Awards

Groundbreaking shovels at Premier Awards are high-quality real shovels in gold or silver finishes. In silver, they offer polished stainless steel ceremonial shovel and in gold Steel with gold plating. They make a quality statement at your sod turning groundbreaking ceremony. Their specialised groundbreaking shovels offer an excellent surface for engraving, and you can have intricate logos and plenty of text expertly laid out by their professional graphic artists.

Follow this link to order on their website.

Promotion Products

Creating Enduring Connections is at the core of Promotion Products. The products they supply bring people together and create relationships. This mindset extends to our dealings with customers and other team members within the business. This includes their gold and silver groundbreaking ceremonial shovels which are designed for turning the first sod ceremonies special. Order them on their website here.

Why a Special Shovel?

Ceremonial shovels are the most basic tool used at a groundbreaking event; without them, there is no proper way to perform a commemorative groundbreaking in the first place. The reason you host a special gathering to kick off your construction project is because there are important people to recognize and thank in the public eye. Media should be present along with important audience members to whom the project is relevant. At this point, the groundbreaking is considered a formal event. Just as when you attend a wedding with formal attire, a ceremonial groundbreaking calls for special “outfits,” not just referring to the appearance of audience members and the ceremony participants, but also the tools used. The shiny metallic commemorative shovel spade and furniture quality wooden handle are the equivalent of an elegant tuxedo. This is the type of shovel you or your event’s participants should have in hand when in the spotlight.

Ceremonial Groundbreaking shovels are usually preserved and displayed as a trophy that represents your success. This is why you should not simply settle for a regular shovel to perform at such a special occasion. After the event, it is customary to preserve the shovel in a display case along with other mementos of the ceremony and pictures of the gathering. It will be a reminder of the proud day to you and a sample of the great accomplishments of your organization. Whether your company is expanding into new territory or planning the construction of a new facility, groundbreakings are the best way to celebrate that giant leap. Remember it with the adequate ceremonial groundbreaking shovel.

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